Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 – Design Notes

Hi All,

Assuming the world doesn’t end, we have a planned release date for Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 of Friday, November 13th, 2020.

To celebrate the upcoming release, we would like to share the Design Notes that Mike Prucha has pulled together. This includes all the scenarios, design decisions and research considerations. These notes are still draft and may change by the time we release the game, but you will be able to see what is included in the game and the huge amount of work that has gone into it.

Enjoy the read, we hope it builds your anticipation for the game!

Link to Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 – Design Notes

12 thoughts on “Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 – Design Notes

    • Pretty sure there’s a different game for that particular battle. It’s a matter of different game focus, I think.

      • Where? In the old game? I was hoping to play Market Garden using all the new features. Will the AI respond at all? I will still buy the game because of the excellent research and interesting topic.

  • I think like me William Wilson was hoping for an updated and expanded version of Market Garden, as stated in the notes the other Corps areas are covered and map oriented differently.
    However, the note says best by PBEM, it doesn’t say you can’t play the AI.
    Perhaps some further clarification is need here please.

  • There is AI included in Market-Garden. That said, it is probably best to play the Allies vs the Axis AI to ensure something is achieved. River crossings have never been the AI’s strong suit.
    So yes, all the new features are in the new Market-Garden campaign. As mentioned in prior blog posts we have not ‘redone’ all the previously released Market-Garden ’44 scenarios, just our own, brand new version of the campaign.

  • Hello,

    The AI is fully scripted and you can absolutely play Market Garden (or any scenario) against the AI. I recommend PBEM play because it is a large and very complex scenario (especially with the strategy options) and I’ve found that the most challenging experience has been PBEM.

    -Mike P

    • Thanks guys for the response. I will play from the Allied side. Thank you for all the hard work you do.
      William Wilson

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