Panzer Campaigns Japan ‘45 Updated to Version 1.01

Hi All,

We have received a lot of reports and feedback on the recently released, Operation Olympic, Japan ’45 title.

There have been a few bugs or corrections required and this update will ensure all are fixed.

Firstly, there has been an update to the AI when it comes to crossing a river at a defended bridge;

  • The AI will now assault across a bridge, if there is an objective there. This corrects previous issues with the AI not assaulting. The requirement for an objective is to prevent the AI from assaulting out of a defensive position. The AI will still conduct river crossing via engineer ferrying.

There has been a lot of corrections within the order of battle. We received some excellent work from Ryan Crierie who has a plethora of details regarding Operation Downfall on his site here;

We have adjusted the air units based upon these details. A lot of what Ryan has documented has also been included in the order of Battle for the upcoming Japan ’46 title covering Operation Coronet.

The order of battle changes are as follows;

  • US 6th Army command range increased from 20 to 45 hexes.
  • US M7 Priest, all values corrected.
  • US LVT(A)4, all values corrected.
  • US 155L20 Howitzer, all values corrected.
  • US 762nd Tank Battalion renamed as 767th Tank Battalion.
  • M8 Greyhound, hard value corrected.
  • Marine Divisions command range reduced from 20 to 10 hexes.
  • Marine Corp Engineers, soft value corrected.
  • Marine Corps Artillery, all naming corrected.
  • USAAF 3rd Light Bomb Group replaced A-20 Havocs with A-26 Invaders.
  • USAAF 41st Medium Bomb Group replaced B-26 with B-25’s.
  • USAAF 11th & 494th Bomb Group replaced B-29 with B-24’s.
  • New air unit type added; B-32 Dominator.
  • All air unit values reviewed, and napalm units removed.
  • British BB defense value corrected.
  • French Corps Exp Fr Extrême-Orient added.
  • French naval units added.
  • Japanese MG Companies increased to 174 men and all values corrected.
  • Japanese Type 90 Artillery, now horse drawn.
  • Japanese Yr41 75mm Gun, soft value corrected.
  • Japanese Coast Defense guns can now fire indirectly.

There have been quite a few graphical updates;

  • All nationalities have their flag included in the unit box.
  • Revised Naval unit images (lifted from Japan ’46).
  • Japanese 47mm AT gun imagery corrected.
  • Japanese Type 90 75mm Artillery imagery corrected.
  • Japanese AT rifle imagery corrected.
  • Field terrain graphic adjusted to better represent rice paddy. Both 2D & 3D.

Within the scenarios some specific bugs have been corrected as well as several improvements;

  • All Japanese Coastal Defense guns now have a facing with an arc of 180 degrees.
  • Supply sources created on Shima-Jima island to correct out of supply issues.
  • Corrected isolated units in hex (51,143) in #45_1104_1-S: Operation Olympic Campaign – SOLO, #45_1104_1-S: Operation Olympic Campaign – SOLO (HP) and #45_1104_8: Operation Olympic – Beaches to Linkup.
  • Corrected troops landing in all water hexes for 81st Div. – Kagoshima – Maxwell Beach option under the Strategies menu in #45_1104_1-S_Olympic-Campaign-SOLO.scn and #45_1104_1-S-HP_Olympic-Campaign-SOLO.scn
  • All Japanese MG units on map and reinforcements increased in size to 174 men.

All the above should enhance or correct your play experience.

Here is an example of the new ship imagery coming. These are class correct images;

Here is how we have changed the representation of rice paddies. The fields symbology was not demonstrating the problems units had crossing this water filled features;

You can get the patch to update any existing Japan ‘45 installation from here;

The product page for full version of Japan ‘45 is here if you wish to purchase the title;

There has been a lot of positive press for this title and we’re happy to get the 1.01 update out to you all so soon after releasing the game in May.

3 thoughts on “Panzer Campaigns Japan ‘45 Updated to Version 1.01

  • David,
    Again, I totally appreciate the interactive and expedient manner in which you and your crew address war game design and support. Nice work.


    • Thanks Jon, there is a superb team behind the scenes here who like to have things ‘right’. The other real positive is that people such as Ryan Crierie, who posted in the comments here when we released the game has been instrumental in identifying issues and opportunities. On the back of the additional information, we have completely redone the order of battle for Japan ’46 and that is looking like another step forward. If you enjoy this title, you will love the follow-on.

      Finally, we had a glitch with our other post for today; the update and expansion to the Panzer Battles Demo. The automated email didn’t go out. Anyone reading this post should go and check out the new Demo, it has been significantly expanded with new content.



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