Panzer Campaigns Japan ’45 – Operation Olympic Released!

Hi All,

We’re excited to release the 22nd game in the Panzer Campaigns Series; Japan ’45 – Operation Olympic.

This game release is dedicated to Dave ‘Blackie’ Blackburn who passed away in January 2016. Dave was instrumental in building many of the Tiller games from 1999 to just before his passing. Dave was the ‘Blackie’ in the Saunders and Blackie partnership that built essentially all the Panzer & Modern Campaigns games for John Tiller Software. Vale Dave!

This game has been both the longest and quickest in development of the series. Longest in that it was started by a (reluctant) Glenn Saunders on a request from John Tiller back in the ‘noughties’ and quickest in that Bill Peters took over the game back in the summer of 2018 and completed it in approximately 9 months! Bill inherited a map and order of battle, but no scenarios other than a ‘Getting Started’ test. The game ships with forty-four scenarios, testament to Bill’s efficiency and his ready team of play testers who quickly helped identify the best way to model the various considerations for a landing on the Japanese Home Islands.

Japan ’45 is specifically focused on the invasion of the Southern Japanese island of Kyushu. The Allied aim was never to fully conquer the island, but to take enough land to build airbases. This was to provide sufficient air cover to cover the invasion of the main island of Honshu. The game covers the landings using the planned forces for Operation Olympic, an operation that was only cancelled with the dual dropping of the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan ’45 is built to the same standard as the ongoing Gold updates to the Panzer Campaigns series and ships with;

  • A game scale of 1 hex = 1 km, 1 turn = 2 hours, and with battalion and company size units.
  • 44 Scenarios covering all sizes and situations, including specialized versions for both head to head play and vs. the computer AI.
  • The master map covers most of the island of Kyushu (87,720 hexes) where Operation Olympic would have taken place.
  • The order of battle file covers all of the forces that would have taken part in the campaign.
  • Order-of-Battle and Scenario Editors which allow players to customize the game.
  • Sub-map feature allows the main map to be “chopped” up into smaller segments for custom scenario creation.
  • Gold standard images for unit art on both sides, including guns and vehicles covering all of the forces of the Allied and Japanese armies involved in the operation.
  • Design notes which cover or include the production of the game, campaign notes, sources and a scenario list.
  • Gold standard game graphics including terrain, in game counters and 2D & 3D units as well as the toolbar icons.
  • Gold standard sounds.

The teams at Wargame Design Studio and John Tiller Software are excited to bring you this new Panzer Campaigns title after a seven year hiatus and are confident, it won’t be as long before the next one.

You can see more on the game, download the design notes and maps as well as purchase it at the John Tiller Software website, here; JTS Japan ’45 Page

Following are some screenshots taken from the game (all can be clicked to view full size);

We hope you enjoy this latest release…

9 thoughts on “Panzer Campaigns Japan ’45 – Operation Olympic Released!

  • The screenshots look great and very refreshing. This title is definitely on my to-buy list.

    Nice dedication to the late Mr.Saunders. RIP.

    • I’m happy to say that Glenn Saunders is still very much in the land of the living! It was his partner in crime, Dave Blackman that has passed away.

      Thanks for the compliment on the game – we hope you enjoy it!

  • I have mixed feelings. I have very much enjoyed the work of Dave and i regret to know that he passed away but this title is the best dedication to his work. Thank you very much for this new addition, a great campaign with a refreshing look to the pacific theatre.

    The only thing that i encounter so far is the type 90 75mm field guns. They appear to be motorized but the portrait shows a horse so i did not know if they are motorized o horse drawn.

    Mr. Blackman R.I.P.


    • Hi Danilo,

      You’re correct, the 90 75mm field guns have the wrong image and should be motorised. We will correct that in the first patch. We hope you enjoy the game.

  • Hello! Thanks for a great game! I have a request to correct minor mistakes regarding Japanese units. Japanese ATR units are shown with Soviet PTRS rifles. The 37 mm anti-tank gun type 94 is shown as the German anti-tank gun PAK 36. The same 47 mm anti-tank gun Type 1 is also shown as PAK 36. Also, the depictions of coast defense cannons and heavy mortars should be different for cannon 120, 155, 200 mm etc. These are obviously minor shortcomings, but it would be nice to see the improved icons of units. 🙂

  • Hi there, I was perusing through the Olympic.OOB file and noticed that:

    A.) 3d Light Bomb Group in V Bomber Command has the A-20 Havoc. In the Summer of 1945, the group was in the progress of transitioning to the A-26 Invader, with the 8th Bomb Squadron having in early August 1945: 11 A-20Hs and 6 A-26Bs. By the time of the Invasion, the transition would be complete.

    B.) 41st Medium Bomb Group in VII Bomber Command has B-26 Marauders, when it was equipped with B-25s. The B-26 Marauder was withdrawn from service in the PTO in April 1943 (AAF statistical Summary 1945).

    C.) B-29 units in VII Bomber Command — the 11th BG and 494th BG are both equipped with B-29s. In real life they were B-24 units.

    Yes, Kenney did try to get B-29s for FEAF; but Arnold turned him down flatly. The B-32 was a “consolation” prize to shut up Kenney, and to give the B-32 a combat test (it was also a “pet” project of Arnold).

    If you really want to have B-29s for the US player in Japan ’45, have a small subsection of 8AF and 20AF be available for a limited period of time before they’re withdrawn to represent the initial battlefield bombardment support that Arnold would grant for the invasion, before they were withdrawn to strategic targets.

    • Thanks Ryan, very useful information. Let me pass this on to the designer and we will see whether we can make any changes. We’re working on a patch currently to fix a range of issues the community has found.

      Hope you’re enjoying the game.

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