The Guns of France ’40 Gold

With Battles of North Africa 1941 out, we’re not resting on our laurels!

Mike Prucha and Dave Michas continue to refine this release.

The order of battle for the ‘Prucha’ scenarios is completely new and includes lots of new components and differentiation between units.

An example of this is the artillery units. Mike & Dave have extensively researched the exact guns each unit had and reflected this in the order of battle.

With new components, comes the need to provide equivalent graphics. Mike has created all the new images, and this is the most artillery I have ever seen in either a Panzer Campaigns or Panzer Battles game!

Here are some examples of the unit cards in game;

The images that follow can be clicked for full size. Note the German armoured trains;



This game will be the next Panzer Campaigns game upgraded to Gold. Be assured that now that North Africa is out, we will be concentrating on upgrading the remaining Panzer Campaign games next. The same can be said for the Civil War Battles series which is being worked on in tandem.

We hope you have enjoyed this further glimpse of France ’40 Gold.

9 thoughts on “The Guns of France ’40 Gold

  • Nice going, folks! Can’t wait for this release. I’m not very familiar with the campaigns in the early years of the war but I’m sure F40 will bring me up to speed just like other titles in the series have educated me (thanks in no small parts to developer notes).

    I also hope to see Normandy, Bulge and the Mediterranean titles of this series very soon. Thanks for the update!

  • All of the JTS Panzer Campaigns titles I currently own are eastern front. With WDS continuing its release of the excellent Gold versions of the Western/Mediterranean campaigns I look forward to purchasing many of these revamped titles especially France ’40, Market Garden ’44, Bulge ’44, Tunisia ’43 and Salerno ’43.
    Hang it who am trying to kid! I will end up buying all of them as I did the with east front Gold editions. The quality of the games are well worth the price.
    Thanks again for all of your effort, time and dedication.

  • Jou guys are doing an incredible job and i think the historical accuracy of all the gold versions, as well as for the new games, such as the recent Battles of North Africa 1941, is unattainable.
    I am Italian and i’ll purchase the Battles of North Africa 1941 as my first game published by WDS.
    I hope you have in your projects some similar game featuring tha battles in Italy and in the Pacific.
    Thank you again!

  • Railroad guns look good. The detail on JTS games has been great always learning new things like all the odd-ball truck mounted guns in North Africa 41′. I would imagine a lot of those French guns would end up on the eastern front and the atlantic wall.

  • I have purchased, over time, all of the Eastern front games and several Western front ones, in the old John Tiller format. I must say once the games started to be upgraded to the gold standard it has made Panzer Campaigns series even better. Am eagerly waiting for the Western Front upgrades. I would like to say thanks for all the hard work undertaken by all involved. I do find all the notes attached to the games of great interest and well worth reading as there are some interesting facts to be found about each game.

    • Peter,

      Thank you for the very kind words. Trust me, this is a labour of love for us. These games are too good to languish and it’s the reason we are taking the time to get them into a more ‘modern’ look and feel. Hopefully that will introduce a few more people to Mr Tiller’s games.

      As far as the Western Front, we’re hard at work on these now that Panzer battles North Africa 1941 is out. Hopefully, not too long a wait now…


  • Love these games but have a few questions. I primarily play panzer battles and love the interface. Is there a option in Panzer Campaigns to use the older style toolbar. Also, when I zoom the graphic icons in Campaign Mius they are very fuzzy. Another question, is there a faq somewhere to help newer players understand the ratings? I.e., is a 6 in hard attack considered good. The numbers have no comparables so I’m not sure what is good or bad. Otherwise great job. Looking forward to France 40.

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