Panzer Battles North Africa 1941 – Youtube video #1

Hi All,

I have ventured into the scary world of youtube videos!

I’m hopeful that we can roll a few of these out for you to see the game in action and for us to explain a little more of what we have got done and what is left to do.

This introductory video is a couple of turns of the initial Fallschirmjaeger (parachute) assault at the Maleme airfield in Western Crete. All played by the AI as I reviewed whether anything was too amiss.

This video has been uploaded at 2560 x 1440 and if possible watch it in that resolution



4 thoughts on “Panzer Battles North Africa 1941 – Youtube video #1

  • Thanks for the update.

    Interesting see the presentation of game using videos… to be fair i never see Tiller games in videos (if i dont count Campaigns serie, here i see a lot of 1948-1982 title) and is going be interesting see how they work.

    I cant wait to see more videos and other info about title… well the thing i cant wait is the game but better this over nothing hehehe.

    Good luck with the development and thanks for the info.

    • Thanks Xaver. It’s the first time I’ve tried this. It wasn’t the most exciting series of turns but the commentary explained a little of what is going on. With a bit more practise we will be able to get more succinct information to you all. Of interest, it’s quicker for me to do a video than write a blog entry up!

  • impressive to see the AI attacking sensibly, that’s something you would normally not want to play against in a Tiller game. Great work!

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