Panzer Campaigns Kharkov ’42 Gold Released!

Well 2017 is almost done, but there is still time for one more Gold release!

Kharkov ’42 has been one of the most popular games from the Panzer Campaign series. The fact that both sides have to feverishly attack and defend in different areas of the front results in a range of possibilities balanced with significant compromise.

Like Smolensk ’41, Stalingrad ’42 & the Moscow ’42 Gold releases, the new Gold version of Kharkov ’42 includes the following updates and upgrades;

  • The game code will now be standardized on the JTS codebase. There will be no further support for the HPS version
  • All new ‘complete’ game map
  • All new 2D & 3D map graphics
  • All new unit graphics and counters on map
  • All new unit cards
  • All new in game sounds; weapon, explosion, background and miscellaneous
  • All released Volcano Man scenarios
  • A brand new Campaign game by César ‘Indragnir’ Librán Moreno.
  • New ‘modern’ toolbar icons
  • Code update – disruption no longer halves movement during the day and is reduced by one third at night.
  • Code update – reinforcement ‘place all’ has been migrated across from the First World War Campaign series.

César’s new Campaign Scenario (#02-Campaign-Full Variant1) has used significant new information that has become available over the last couple of years. This information was not available when the original Kharkov ’42 campaigns were designed. César’ has included some very detailed Campaign notes in an included word document. This scenario will be a real delight for prior players of Kharkov ’42 as the availability of many units has changed and is a worthy addition for the Gold update.

Here are some additional screenshots (all can be clicked to view at full size);









Additional product information is here Kharkov ’42 Gold Product Page

If you already have the JTS 2.00 version of Kharkov ’42, please get the 2.01 Gold patch from here JTS Update Page

If you own the HPS version and would like the Gold version then email JTS support for your game key

Till our next announcement….

4 thoughts on “Panzer Campaigns Kharkov ’42 Gold Released!

  • Another great update. Looking forward to them all.
    After that fateful day when the final PC becomes Gold, will there be any attention to ‘Gold’ the Modern Campaign series? Just asking.

  • the 2d maps are really awesome.
    the 3d maps……..not so much.
    you guys have done 4 east front maps, when can we expect a west front or med front campaign?

    • See previous blog entries. It was explained all the east front PC Gold was to be done first, since they are very similar, then new PB med, then followed by PC med/west Gold updates. All great news.

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