Civil War Battles Updates – Round One

Hi All, Back at the end of July 2017, we announced we had the responsibility for updating John Tillers Civil War Battles series. See the initial announcement here; WDS now responsible for JTS Civil War Battles After a truckload of work and the launch of the new title, Campaign Petersburg, we’re happy to make available[…]

Panzer Battles 3 – March 2018 Update

Hi All, We mentioned Panzer Battles 3 taking precedence in our last blog post. Many of you have been asking for an update on that title, so here it is.   Panzer Battles 3 is officially Battles of North Africa 1941. We hope to cover the following engagements; Operation Compass Operation Sonnenblume Tobruk Operation Brevity[…]

Panzer Campaigns Korsun ’44 Gold Released!

We’re happy to announce that Korsun ’44 Gold is the final Eastern Front Panzer Campaigns Gold release. Korsun ’44 typifies the challenges the Germans were having by the start of 1944. Soviet numbers were overwhelming the German forces resulting in constant desperate defence, forces being surrounded and having to break out. Korsun ’44 shows one[…]

Panzer Campaigns Moscow ’41 Gold Released!

We’re happy to announce that Moscow ’41 Gold is the next Panzer Campaigns Gold release. Moscow ’41 is one of the largest games in the Panzer Campaigns series. Including both the late summer/autumn campaign around Vyazma and the last ditch German assault on Moscow starting on November 15th, there is a situation to satisfy most[…]

Panzer Campaigns Rzhev ’42 Gold Released!

We’re happy to announce that Rzhev ’42 Gold is the 6th Panzer Campaigns Gold release.   Rzhev ’42 is one of the more underplayed games in the Panzer Campaign series. Of interest though, this Zhukov led offensive was viewed by the Soviets as every bit as critical as the Stalingrad counter offensive that launched at[…]