Scenario Creation for Maleme, Crete (Part Two)

The previous blog entry was focused on the Allied setup around Maleme. This entry will look at the attacking Fallschirmjaeger (parachutists) and the considerations needed to simulate their arrival.   With all the defender’s setup in the scenario, it’s now time to lay out the Germans. The above segment of map is from Davin’s work[…]

Scenario Creation for Maleme, Crete (Part One)

Creating a scenario is the culmination of all that has been shown in the earlier blogs. The research, order of battle, mapping and graphics are the tools needed to allow the designer to create the actual ‘game’. That said, there is still significant work and research to do.   When starting to build a new[…]

Map Graphics for Maleme, Crete

With the last blog entry dedicated to vehicle graphics we’re reviving the promised map graphics entry. The scenario creation will be deferred to the next blog post. A map, like game counters and unit images is one of the most obvious visual elements. Maleme Crete includes what are a third generation of map graphics since[…]

Vehicle Graphics for Maleme, Crete and Beyond

In the last blog entry we took an in depth look at what was involved in creating unit cards for men based formations. Like the colourised photos shown previously, we have a number of approaches and techniques for the other in game graphics This blog entry will take you through what’s involved in creating vehicles[…]