Unit Imagery for Maleme, Crete

Unit cards and counters are some of the most visible areas of artwork when designing a game. Deciding on the style, look and feel is important to how a game is perceived as a perfectly good game system can be maligned based upon the look of the graphics. With the Panzer Battles series, we decided[…]

Mapping Maleme, Crete

The next blog in our series ‘So you want to design a Wargame?’ focuses on building the map for our action around Maleme, Crete.   The first game in the Panzer Battles series (Kursk – The Southern Flank) used a custom program that expanded the previously published Panzer Campaigns map to the right scale and[…]

The Allied Order of Battle at Maleme, Crete

As a continuation of our last blog, we’re going to focus on the Allied Order of Battle for our action around Maleme, Crete.   The major opponent for the German Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1 at Maleme was the 5th Brigade of the 2nd New Zealand Division. The 5th Brigade had only arrived from the ill-fated expedition to[…]

So you want to design a Wargame?

As part of a regular series of blogs, we thought it worthwhile taking you through exactly what’s involved in building one of our games. Not surprisingly, there is a lot more work than you would expect! To provide a practical example, we will take you through the creation of one situation – the German parachute landings[…]