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Panzer Battles Releases

Panzer Battles is Wargame Design Studio’s grand tactical game series covering platoon and company level engagements in World War 2. Click through for more details.

Panzer Campaigns Releases

Panzer Campaigns Gold is the upgraded John Tiller Software operational battle series. All Eastern Front titles have been upgraded with the remainder to follow in 2018. Click through for more details.

Civil War Battles Releases

Campaign Petersburg is the first Wargame Design Studio release in the John Tiller Software Civil War Battle series. The previously released titles are expected to be upgraded with new graphics, user interface and other features. Click through for more details.

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A motley crew dedicated to building games that are historically accurate, engaging and instructive to play. The Wargame Design Studio has programmers, researchers, designers and artists involved in creating our projects. We hail from across the world with members from the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and more.

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