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Civil War Battles – Campaign Petersburg

Campaign Petersburg covers the battles in Virginia during the last year of the Confederacy. Three distinct periods are covered, including the initial fighting around Petersburg during June & July 1864, the period of siege until the end of 1864 and the last battles at Appomattox in April 1865. This is the first original release from Wargame Design Studio in the Civil War Battles series.

Panzer Battles – Demo

The Panzer Battles Demo is an introduction to the Panzer Battles franchise. This Demo is intended to showcase the diversity of situations the game system can handle as well as provide an opportunity for a new generation of scenario designers to publish their handiwork. It’s also intended to test new game systems and theatres before inclusion in full commercial titles. We hope that with the provision of this free Demo, more players will be introduced to the game system.

Panzer Battles – Normandy

Panzer Battles – Normandy is focused on many of the battles that occurred across the Calvados & Cotentin regions of Northern France. Fought across nearly three months from June 6th 1944 to August 20th 1944, actions from the D-Day landings, through the bocage fighting to the pursuit and destruction of the German forces at Falaise are included.

Panzer Battles – Kursk Southern Flank

Panzer Battles – Kursk, Southern Flank is focused on the more climactic southern attack by the Axis forces. Fought across nine days from July 4th to July 12th the battle was much more than the imagined storming of a fortified line. Meeting engagements, hasty defenses and even the first widespread use of tank busting aircraft were more typical of the day to day fighting.

Panzer Campaigns – Moscow ’42

Panzer Campaigns – Moscow ’42 simulates the historical Soviet 1941/42 winter counter offensive that almost destroyed Heeresgruppe Mitte in front of Moscow. In addition the hypothetical Fall Kreml (Operation Kremlin in English) is included. Operation Kremlin was an extensive deception campaign that the Axis enacted to distract from Fall Blau (Operation Blue) the German 1942 summer offensive in the Ukraine and Caucasus

Panzer Campaigns – Kharkov ’43

Panzer Campaigns – Kharkov ’43 February 2nd, 1943 was a significant day. Field Marshall Paulus surrendered the German 6th Army in the ruins of Stalingrad and Stalin launched Operation Star and Gallop, 1,000 km’s to the west. This latest Soviet operation had a much more ambitious goal than those that preceded it – the complete destruction of German forces in Southern Russia and the Ukraine.

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